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with relation to this wish...

i decided to put up a related Wish thread to the link above, because it didn't seem to be noticed much & it was 3 yrs old but it still rings true up to now.

my wish was for some sort of a PREVIEW 'tracker' when hovering over a Favourite in the Favourites List. kinda like what happens when,say, hovering over the Wall Tool in the toolbox. it displays the name of the tool, & in some cases, also shows the short cut key.

i dont know if a 'tracker' is the right name for it, but the Element Info 'preview' is closer to what i'm trying to say.

& it would not only work for the Favourites List. It could very well work most of the Attribute tools (linetypes, fills, WALL COMPOSITES, COMPLEX PROFILES, & probably even materials)...i mean, instead of naming a wall composite:

W457 - 92STD+13FC+13FC+10TILE

one could just name it:


& in the preview written in plain english showing:

92mm Steel Stud wall
side 1 - 13mm FC Sheet
side 2 - 13mm FC Sheet w/ 10mm Tiling

& graphics would help too

these previews are editable in the window where they were created. like when one creates a new line-type, the preview info would be typed in another drop-down tab under "Edit Selected Type"...probably a tab called "Preview Info"...

but i see this being powerful in the Favourites List. instead of illogical code names, we could stick to numerical favourite naming:

(door symbol here) DR 035


External solid core swing door
Painted Leaf finish
Painted pressed metal frame
Vestibule lockset
1.2mm steel kickplates
-preview picture-

& when one finds the previews a little too annoying? howabout the ability to turn-on or turn-off the preview by pressing Ctrl & hovering over the attribute to view the preview & releasing Ctrl to turn off preview...of course Ctrl doesnt have to be the button.


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