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Not sure if this is a "wishlist" item or not... but Archicad bugs have been compounding for a few versions now. I have not had a single file since AC22 or 23 that DIDN'T have model view options go missing in the view map. This is not related to any changes to the MVO, or any other trigger I can pinpoint. I just know, at least 3-5x on every project, I will have to reissue because my floor plan showed up with "simplified windows" or "door/window markers off" all related to MVO going missing.


I have honestly lost all confidence in Archicad as a tool for design and documentation. Very basic things like dimensions going missing or showing incorrectly (yes, even in AC25), view settings randomly falling apart/disappearing, zones not showing up in the door/window schedules for no apparent reason.


This is not to mention the countless crashes that I have to deal with every day, if not every hour.


A big part of what I do for a living is trouble shoot these problems for architects; and I feel like a real **beep** when all I can tell my clients "sorry, the software kind of sucks some times". Many times, it does turn out that assumed bugs are due to user error; but I have personally witnessed the missing MVO and missing/incorrect dimension bugs with no obvious user caused trigger.


At the very least, we need to know that dimensions will not disappear and view settings are going to remain stable and not show "missing". If an architect has to review and redline every drawing for both drawing issues AND software issues, you have to ask, 'why are we even bothering with this tool?' Archicad used to be the most flexible, versatile, and reliable design and documentation tool on the market, but faith is dwindling in the product, if not completely lost on my end.


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This is what I will respond with from now on in this thread


Karl Ottenstein

Karl Ottenstein


‎2022-02-09 12:18 PM


So, I'll ask again... have any of you found a reproducible way to demonstrate these issues and shared your project file(s) with tech support to try and track this down ... or are you just hoping that by some miracle the programmers will come across the problem themselves? They can't fix what they can't reproduce. 🤓


Karl Ottenstein

Really good discussion everyone (with the exception of some almost-personal attacks - and one actual personal attack that I removed, as moderator).  All of this needs to be heard ... both the technical failings - as well as the emotional and time/cost/profit impact.


This Community is seen by Graphisoft, but is not a tech support channel.  Hopefully at some point a GS employee will join in to let everyone know that these issues are in the system.  What I originally asked for seems impossible from what I've read... a reproducible example to assure a quick escalation to a bug fix via normal tech support reporting.  But, I think the more anecdotal experiences are reported for this seemingly random issue, the more helpful this thread will be towards reaching a solution.


I know several of you are not just experts, but are very well-recognized experts (since as moderator I can see who you really are) and if @4dProof  and @DGSketcher cannot reproduce this, then I suspect nobody can.


An aside...to those who have done some programming in GDL etc and think this kind of bug should be easy to find, I would just point out (with my computer scientist hat on this time) that ARCHICAD has been multi-threaded for many years now ... and has become more multi-threaded with each version in order to satisfy user demands for speed.  Sequential programming, such as GDL, is relatively trivial to debug...because the potential sequence of events is very limited.  When concurrency is added to the mix as in the hundreds of threads in ARCHICAD, each doing some different portion of a task - or even totally different tasks - background updating, generating different parts of a model view, etc - so much work is never done in a predictable order and the potential interaction of different threads accessing the same data (MVO perhaps in this case) is also somewhat random.   The protection of data access/update and sequentialization when necessary (e.g., an MVO update by a user when the background tasks are generating drawings based on that MVO) to shared data is key and is critical to bug-free multi-threaded code.  Robust multi-threaded programming is a high level skill for programmers.  These things can be really hard to track down because of the seeming randomness (due to billions of possible overlapping code execution paths).


Please do continue to share both whether the issues of the OP occur to you, and if possible, as some have done, what your most recent actions were prior to seeing things go wonky. 🙂


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Just a quick thought, Has anyone compared their naming styles?  is there maybe a character that is driving the issue with the missing mvo?

I am just trying to help.

all MVO's are out of the box on the most recent case of it happening. No special characters, no excessively long MVO names. I really think it is somehow tied to navigating methods; some order of operations like: open view from layout/drawing, switch view settings and/or switch to different saved view, go back to layout via tabs and update drawing. It happens most often when I jump from floor plans to framing plans using drawings/layouts/view map/quick options/etc to get the content I need coordinated

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Thank you @Karl... I do think discussing shortcomings/bugs/glitches is important, and I'm sorry I contributed to this spiraling into a pi$$ing match... not proud of myself 😞

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Do you have auto update on for all your layouts?


I Honestly wish i had a file with the problem to be able to try to help more.

My apologies to all as well.  We all can do better.

it happens with or without auto-update. It has to be tied to the relationship of layoutbook to view map somehow though. I'm at a complete loss on the exact sequence (as the steps that lead up to noticing it are different every time, and replicating the sequence rarely reproduces the problem). I'd happily share a drop box link of an affected file, next time I notice it (or next time it pops up in a non-NDA project I can freely share, anyway)

BIM solutions and trouble shooting (self proclaimed) expert. Using Archicad 26 5002 US on Mac OS 11.5.2


I'm going to drip feed a few observations here as testing time allows.

First one. I have always used my own templates, but having opened up the UKI template and checked the Masters I note all the graphics are placed on the "Archicad Layer" and the quick layer settings in the bottom bar are showing as "Custom". So taking on board earlier comments I assume this is a fudge / workaround by GS to avoid the disappearing title block issue? The fact the LayoutBook layers are set to "Custom" rather than some reliably defined Layer Combination in the template suggests the default layers have already been disrupted in the template. Clearly for those of us trying to follow local or mandated Layer Standards this is an issue and also has implications for the default layer used for Change Tool revision cloud placement.

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No wonder I'm irritated with GS just now... https://community.graphisoft.com/t5/What-s-new/Archicad-25-Update-5000-Preview-Released/m-p/328899#M...

Apple iMac macOS Ventura / AC26UKI (most recent builds)

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