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Please Fix Bugs/Glitches


Not sure if this is a "wishlist" item or not... but Archicad bugs have been compounding for a few versions now. I have not had a single file since AC22 or 23 that DIDN'T have model view options go missing in the view map. This is not related to any changes to the MVO, or any other trigger I can pinpoint. I just know, at least 3-5x on every project, I will have to reissue because my floor plan showed up with "simplified windows" or "door/window markers off" all related to MVO going missing.


I have honestly lost all confidence in Archicad as a tool for design and documentation. Very basic things like dimensions going missing or showing incorrectly (yes, even in AC25), view settings randomly falling apart/disappearing, zones not showing up in the door/window schedules for no apparent reason.


This is not to mention the countless crashes that I have to deal with every day, if not every hour.


A big part of what I do for a living is trouble shoot these problems for architects; and I feel like a real **beep** when all I can tell my clients "sorry, the software kind of sucks some times". Many times, it does turn out that assumed bugs are due to user error; but I have personally witnessed the missing MVO and missing/incorrect dimension bugs with no obvious user caused trigger.


At the very least, we need to know that dimensions will not disappear and view settings are going to remain stable and not show "missing". If an architect has to review and redline every drawing for both drawing issues AND software issues, you have to ask, 'why are we even bothering with this tool?' Archicad used to be the most flexible, versatile, and reliable design and documentation tool on the market, but faith is dwindling in the product, if not completely lost on my end.


MVO Missing.png

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This is not the case for the AC25INT default template for which used layers and layer combinations are properly defined. 

@thesleepofreason just to be clear here, I don't mean the drawing views are not defined, but the Layout book layer setting which should be displayed in the Quick settings at the bottom of the screen when you select a Layout page is showing "Custom". This is an indeterminate state and requires user intervention to set a layer combo. If your Layout Book layers are set to a layer combo value other than "Custom" then that makes the setting just a local template issue. Although it still doesn't clarify the spontaneous redefinition of single Layout Book page layers when relinking.


Could you also confirm if "Archicad Layer" is also used in the Masters for all the title block graphics of AC25INT?

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@DGSketcher I can confirm that the USA template doesn't have that issue either.  Masters don't use the Archicad layer... but layout specific layers... and the layer combos are defined vs custom.  So, it must be an issue with whoever created the UKI template.


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@DGSketcher wrote:

Although it still doesn't clarify the spontaneous redefinition of single Layout Book page layers when relinking.


Could you also confirm if "Archicad Layer" is also used in the Masters for all the title block graphics of AC25INT?


Forgive me if I have not followed the thread here.

Layout pages do not have their own layer combinations.

The layout book can have one, and it will apply to all pages.

Changing the layer combination in layouts will affect all other layouts, you have to manually set for each page.

Basically it is set the layer combination in the layout book and forget it as it applies to all pages.


Hence I don't use layer combinations in the layout book.

I also don't do any documenting in the layout book.

All my documentation is done in the Archicad view for which you can control the layer combination separately.

Each view is placed in the Archicad layer, so they can never accidentally be turned off.



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@Barry Kelly Good to have your input. You are 100% correct about layout book layers BUT some of us are experiencing individual layout page layer override issues. Unfortunately the reason is being somewhat elusive. I have seen it a few days ago in 24-4013 after a relinking a missing view to an updated one. I have also seen it during publishing, possibly due to auto updates, which left me with odd blank pages. As you know there is no definitive setting dialog for the Layout Book, maybe if there was, then the program could verify the layer & pen settings before display and not be dependent on vaguely set values which can be apparently stored per page.

Anyway having ranted on, Relinking seems to be the focus of this thread which for others is resulting in broken MVO links. Please chip in if you or your users have any experience of it. The fixes are obvious and unlikely to be reported but the problem shouldn’t be happening in the first place.

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Graphisoft Alumni



Thank you very much for raising the issue and I am very sorry for the experience that you're having!


Regarding the missing MVO issue, if this happens in Teamwork environment, the good news is that our developers are working on a fix, which hopefully will arrive in Update 4 for Archicad 25 (please refer to it as DEF-4010). We are aware of the seriousness of the issue, so I really hope that the fix is ready by then. On the other hand, I read that you may also encounter this issue in Solo environment? If that's the case, as soon as you notice the problem in the file, I suggest creating a Support Package as soon as possible and forwarding it to your local support team, along with some information on what has changed in the project. This will be a big help for us in understanding the problem, as it seems to be a random one from what I gather.


Meanwhile, we took notice several dimension issues. Some fixes will come in Update 3 for Archicad 25, while others may require a bit more time to arrive. I am very sorry for the troubles that these are causing. Rest assured that we do listen to all criticisms and will do our best to improve the functionality and stability of Archicad.


Feel free to let me know if you need any further information, and thank you all once again for sharing your opinions here!


Best regards,


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@Minh Nguyen Not going to shoot the messenger but Seriously? Two more updates before the dimensioning is fixed in AC25!! I take it management do realise this is a cornerstone tool for drawing production? I paid to upgrade to 25 in May last year. I still can't use it reliably.

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Awesome! all good news! look forward to the updates; and I'll go ahead and share up the next .pln that has these bugs/glitches show up

BIM solutions and trouble shooting (self proclaimed) expert. Using Archicad 26 5002 US on Mac OS 11.5.2

That's great!!! Good news to all! Lets just be patient and wait for those updates to roll out. 😎

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Finally captured the bug on video. Problem seems to basically happen when relinking a deleted view in a layout where the changed layout isn't displayed on screen at the time. The currently displayed layout then inherits the layer settings of the relinked view and retains them where the other layouts keep the default layers.

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