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Please allow GDL to read Grahphisoft ID or CPU ID. I am hoping to lock GDL.


Please allow GDL to read Grahphisoft ID or CPU ID.
I am hoping to lock GDL.

AC27 on window 11

You can use this to get the serial key of a hardware key.

n = REQUEST ("program_info", "", name[, version[, keySerialNumber[, isCommercial]]])

Not sure if works for a software key though.

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stConfigurationNumber = empty

version: "25"
keySerialNumber: "0"

isCommercial : "1"


I know that you can use "( )" on a company computer that has a genuine product installed.
By the way, I am trying to protect GDL on my personal computer.


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AC27 on window 11

You can add a password when you save your GDL object.

Anyone can then use the object, but it can only be opened for further editing if you know the password.

So for example, I would be able to use your object, but I would not be able to edit it in any way.

Is this what you are wanting?


Locking the GDL so it runs only if there is a certain license number available is fine, but that means you need to know the license number of every user, so you can add that number to your script to allow it to run.

And as mentioned before, I don't think this will work with EDU or Trial versions as they don't have a license number as such.


And you would still have to lock the script with a password, so users could not just add their own license numbers.



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In the office, of course, I have to use the genuine product, so it is solved by the method you told me, but since development is often done on my personal laptop, I want to secure it. It's because there are many cases that I make personally regardless of the office.
That's why I thought of Graphicsoft ID that can be used even in the trial version.

AC27 on window 11

Is it wrong for me to want GDL to have the functionality of a scripting language like Autocad's Autolisp?

It's not the C# API that has made AutoCAD so advanced.
Many users have found Autolisp to be easy for anyone to learn and use. On the Internet, there are so many source files with explanations.
I don't know Archicad yet, so I can hope that GDL will be like Autolisp, but if there are so many different sources and explanations, anyone can make and use Archicad, so Archicad will be recognized as a good program.

Door/Window created with GDL is difficult without detailed description.
It cannot be modified and used by anyone.
Even in my case, I simply create and use Window/Door with only the GDL manual. The existing ones are complicated with too many functions, and there are many functions that are not available in Korea.
It looks like it will be heavy GDL later.
For lightweight GDL, please explain the GDL of window or door in detail so that general users can follow it little by little.

AC27 on window 11