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Please let me delete the post on the forum

If I accidentally post in the wrong forum, I can't change another forum.
And when I write something wrong, please delete it.
I think it should be possible to delete a post written within 10 minutes of writing.

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Barry Kelly

I am not sure if/when a member might get permission to delete a post of their own.

In the mean time, you can edit your post.

Just amend it to - Please delete , or Please move to ... - or something similar.

Between us moderators, we read every post, and we can delete/move them for you.



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Even on messenger, we live in an era where you can delete emails sent by mistake before others read them or within a few minutes.
I often have to do translations.
So, when you bring a translation and press ctrl+v, if the translation option is turned on, it appears in English for a moment, but it is often in Korean after pressing the save button.
At this time, I am making corrections. Hurry

But I posted a question and a minute or two later, ah! I suddenly think about it and I can solve it, but the post is uploaded and I can't delete it, and there are times when it's an embarrassing question after solving it.
Everyone can make mistakes.
It becomes the person's dark history.
I think that if you have the right to write, you should also have the right to erase in a few minutes.

AC25 5010 / AC26 4019 on window 11


Show the world your dark history!


Embarrassing or not, you were stuck on it long enough to warrent a post on here, so someone else might run into the same issue and your post may save them.




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