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Poseable 3D people


Having decent characters available is a must for me, to help understand the various human interactions with various spaces, both while modelling and when sharing with colleagues and clients. However, I have lost count of the number of times I've had to hastily switch off the "people" layer in a model while sharing a scheme, simply because the current ArchiCAD "people" objects are so embarrassingly bad for today's standards - only a few useful poses, unrealistic postures, no children, etc. Are there any improvements to the people library on the horizon?


My ideal would be something like an improvement on the old "Woody" character from BIMstop. It has some pre-set poses and allows for repositioning joints to get a custom pose. However, it is very basic and doesn't allow changing the character's height and so on.


If we had a few slightly more realistic (but still fairly low poly) base characters (including children, elderly, tradespeople, etc.), with 3D nodes at the joints to allow positioning into a more realistic position, (cooking, opening a door, lying in bed, shaking hands, etc.) I would be over the moon! I'm not looking for Metahuman or Daz3D, just something that clients wont laugh at!

Karl Ottenstein

Totally understand/sympathize and gave you my vote.  I feel like Graphisoft has left those chunky people models... which have not been updated in well over 20 years...without any effort at improvement because they assume people will use TwinMotion, Enscape or other external software that has photorealistic poseable people.   That's what I've done ever since they provided the free TwinMotion licenses a few years ago, but I remember well how exciting the blocky people were to use back in Archicad 6.0/6.5 when they were almost state of the art. Pretty sad looking these days indeed.


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They're that bad I don't even use them to explain space limitations and fall back on the 2D versions in the library.

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I made some very low poly figures a few years back that are posable.  I'll see if I can find them and maybe someone can run with what I had started. They are basically Minecraft style but have all the motion coded. Never got around to making them look good lol Just needs some new body parts

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