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Rendering the missing link: A matching tool.


Hi there!

ARCHICAD is a great lovely 3D CAD program! Which includes a wonderful photorealistic rendering engine called: CINERENDER!
Nonetheless one tool is missing. Ex. in France concerning the "building permit" step it is imperative to show our project in its context with at least 2 different views.

ARCHICAD makes possible to add a picture as a background but miss a fonction/tool to calculate the accurate positions of the camera and its target to make the insertion.
So using the rendering tool is an empirical approach and for not saying acrobatic to fulfill the result. So I can't get no satisfaction like a famous US song uses to roll over the time. 
SketchUp, Photoshop… ko but it's time consuming and doesn't deliver fast and satisfying results except may be for graphic designer but this is an other work. If such a matching tool could show up in ARCHICAD it will give to architects a double benefit: Time+Money!



have you tried this?  Align View

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Hi Aaron,

Didn't know about it. So the tool exists. Never heard about it. I need to give a try.
Thank you so much!


Hello, if could be helplfull watch this video

It's an Italian tutorial made by Luca Manelli, one of Graphisoft Italia training manager 

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Thank you for the link I've seen it it is so many manipulation to in fact approximate a result and this is not in real time. A third part tool is needed.
So my wish is something like this :
1- I have the model in 3D and the background photo
2- I set two trihedre (x,y,z, axis) one on the background picture and one on the model (it's up to the user to be coherent on both).

3- I chose some rendering options e.g. to manually set the sun position,…
4- I push on a calculate button

5- One the rendering is done I have the possibility to change the contrast, luminosity, post production effects…

6- A button Save

This way just 6 steps are needed and I can control in "real time" my goal and I do not need to use a third part software only to had text…


P.S. In France it's not like the other localized versions of ARCHICAD the Align View tool was removed of the package. I can't tell since which version we have it now.


Wow. Excelent video, gonna try it! 


Also, hadent realized how ugly the old archicad icons where. Glad they updated them.