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Renovation status for composite walls and complex profiles


Our office does mainly renovation so we use renovation filters extensively. While they are very useful the workflow associated with it is suboptimal to say the least, mainly for two reasons.


1. For a project which requires replacement of the existing insulation we have to first create the wall, then duplicate it to create the existing insulation and yet another one for the new  insulation.  This could be avoided completely if we could manage those layers directly with a composite wall where we could assign renovation status to the layers.


2. Another inherited problem from this workflow especially when dealing with large residential buildings is that when we duplicate the wall to create the insulation layer we have to transform the windows into openings.


In previous Archicad versions when you selected different sized windows  and transformed them into openings, the created openings would keep their initial size. For some reason since a few Archicad versions this is no longer the case. All created openings will take the size  of the last selected window.


!ompletely agree with you, this would be a fundamental function!




I made exactly this request in 2011 when renovation filters first came out. Sad to see that AC still doesnt address the importance of renovation projects  in regards to insulation.




Me too, I have made this request many times! here in this forum and as a "big request" to my local dealer. it would be a fundamental function for all of us.

Going back to the discussion in 2011, I found this solution that might help. I havnt tried it yet myself.


"Laszlo's suggestion re: composites and yours re: additional renovation statuses (it would be nice to be able to set custom statuses) are the the long term solutions, and would be very useful developments. However, here is a workaround in the meantime:

Highlight your existing wall in the existing filter view and press the toggle button to the right of the "new status" button. (This toggle button is called "show on current renovation filter only/show on all renovation filters"). This will stop the wall showing up in the proposed (or any other) filter views.

Now copy the existing wall to the clipboard, switch to the demolition plan filter and paste the wall in from the clipboard, and repeat this process for each filter you wish the wall to appear on as existing.

This toggle button is quite useful - it is possible to present several different proposal options or show all the different phases of a project in the one model file using this in conjunction with the custom filter views.

Eric Milberger

I am doing a remodel right now and hate thatI cant do it by filters.  Will have to explore levels.

Only way I can see to do it at this moment


Eric Milberger, Architect | Master Planner
Patrick M

agree 100%, but we have to use the tool we have been given, so there are a few work-arounds, depending on your level of detail for existing and/or proposed conditions. On a typical remodel project, I model existing walls as the framing core only and add the new finishes to it and model new walls as a complete composite. On small/simple remodels, I model existing walls with the proposed composite and the differences in total assembly thickness are negligible if not unscalable at 1/4" permit/construction drawing scale. 

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Yes that's work, but how many time do you spend when your project is complex ? I live in Italy and every day we work with old architecture  and insulation wall.

every time you move or resize a window you waste a lot of time because you have to do the job twice


Same here. Im suprised there is not more emphasis on this. Seems very bread and butter.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

This is something that has been wished for multiple times:


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