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Renovation status for composite walls and complex profiles


Our office does mainly renovation so we use renovation filters extensively. While they are very useful the workflow associated with it is suboptimal to say the least, mainly for two reasons.


1. For a project which requires replacement of the existing insulation we have to first create the wall, then duplicate it to create the existing insulation and yet another one for the new  insulation.  This could be avoided completely if we could manage those layers directly with a composite wall where we could assign renovation status to the layers.


2. Another inherited problem from this workflow especially when dealing with large residential buildings is that when we duplicate the wall to create the insulation layer we have to transform the windows into openings.


In previous Archicad versions when you selected different sized windows  and transformed them into openings, the created openings would keep their initial size. For some reason since a few Archicad versions this is no longer the case. All created openings will take the size  of the last selected window.

Vasileios S_

It would be really nice to see this feature on AC!

You cannot build a line.

I totally agree. That is an essential functionality. 
In the meantime, regarding transforming a window into an empty opening - you can use „syringe” (alt; ctrl+alt) in the window settings dialog to inherit window size settings and inject them into an empty opening (click ctrl+alt on an empty opening library object)

Łukasz Pietraszko
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Absolutely need this feature for the renovation work my firm does! It's my number one request any time I speak with the GS staff. 

Scott Graham, AIA LEED BD+C

Principal | BIM Manager

Muhlenberg Greene Architects, Ltd.

Wyomissing, PA 19610