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Renovation tool for composit walls


Dear Graphisoft,

It's very cute that every year you try to come up with different little (unimportant sometimes!) improvements in order to sell another version of this programme, but please think a little about all the poor mortal users (me included) that work with Archicad (since 2005 even) for residential projects and not super big and complexe projects and have a very special need - how to divide the composite wall in order to 1. extract an existing layer et the exterior of the existing wall (normally an exterior brick façade) - demolish filer- and 2. add the insulation and a new finnishing for the wall - it's a very common procedure in real-life renovations - why the hell it's (still) impossible to make it in Archicad??? 

I've read some topics on this forum in 2011 about this particulary issue... then a huge pause, then again some crazy people asked about it in 2017 and 2021 and then stopped...

Please, crazy people, don't stop asking for the improvement of this tool... cause we damn need it..

Kind regards,

A concerned user :)))

Laurentiu C

They know for sure, and according to the roadmap, it's under research.

It's named "Skin-by-skin Design":

Probably not going to come out in AC28. AC29 or AC30 would seem more likely to me.


Check out the roadmap and see what else they are working on.


If there are other things you'd wish for, post them in the Wishes part of the community.

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