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Request for Beams to show dashed when sitting below a Mesh element.

Jarrod Phillips

As the title suggests, there needs to be more consistency with the behavior of beams sitting below elements (other than a slab). Currently if a beam sits under a slab it will show up with a dashed line. However, if a beam sits under a mesh, we do not see the dashed line.


We often model concrete slabs with meshes in order to capture falls in the concrete slab. So there ends up being a combination of slab elements (for flat surfaces) and mesh elements (for surfaces with falls) on slab set out plans. We would like to display the footings and band beams as a continuous dashed line that runs under meshes and slabs. Currently the only workaround is to split the beam up into parts and change the line settings of the beam to achieve the desired result.





BIM Manager | Graduate of Architecture
Fulton Trotter Architects - Sydney, Australia
Archicad 15 - 27

Control over graphical representation of elements is crucial for easily creating legible and consistent views of the model. The model view option feature has the potential for realising this and although the current line work functionality should be praised in itself - the overall development sadly seem to have been abandoned. Giving up on the element specific (beam/column-slab) and moving to a more general approach would be a first step, ability to control beyond element type a second.

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