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RevitShredder vs ArchiShredder ?


You may have seen this video on YT ?


I personally think it’s biased and I am sure that there are Archicad users who can model up a house just as fast, if not faster than Revit.


Granted some things might be faster in one application than the other but I think, overall they would approximately work out about the same.



At the Chief Architect exhibitions of the past, they used to run competitions with other applications to see which one can model up a house the fastest.


I know Archicad would definitely be more accurate and can definitely model up a much more complicated structure faster.


I would like to see if anyone here would be interested in a competition to model up a house in Archicad ?


I am personally quite slow with Archicad and I am just a novice.


The competition could be called “ArchiShredder of the year” ? Lol.


If you know anyone who is very fast with Archicad, you could nominate them ?


It would be very good for the advertising of Archicad and it would be good if it was possible for Graphisoft to offer a prize to the fastest most accurate user to model up a house from the same concept plan ?


We will all benefit because we all get training on how to use Archicad properly with a fast workflow in just watching the competition on YT.


Is anyone interested or is it just a silly idea ?


Edit 16/10/2022: I found this video online from about a decade ago done by “Applecore Designs” a very fast accurate user of Archicad. Please see his example in detailing in this video and many others he has created. I don’t know if he is on this forum but I am sure he would be able to compete with that Revit user in the above video and leave him in the dust. Enjoy !

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Hi @jl_lt and @Gerry Leonor,

I get your point here. Yet, the video is showcasing smart use of Archicad tools to achieve fast modeling and documentation. I find it quite nice. Now, to ensure fairplay, the rules of the competition would either explicitly allow or limit certain pre-sets.


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