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Ribbon User interface


Ribbon User interface. It's not an opinion and I'm not asking for one. ArchiCAD needs Ribbon User interface as an option (turn On/turn Off). That would hurt nobody and would benefit probably half of the ArchiCAD users. The Option to have the access to the most of the tools/pallets in one place. It's 2024, not 2000 anymore. We don't want to stay behind forever. Ribbon, please. Thank you.


Nah, that's something we really do not need.

Please don't chase Revit anymore.

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Which part of my wish you didn't understand?


Hi. May i ask why do you like the Ribbon or what it would add to Archicad that you cannot get with current UI personalization capabilites??   

Personally i find that the Ribbon sucks in MS office; in Autocad it sucks even more (to put it mildly, i find it offensive to the point of iniquity, but maybe it is because i was a 95% command line guy).     But i have to admit that in revit it is more or less tolerable.


Please, read my first comment carefully. "...Ribbon User interface as an option (turn On/turn Off)". That means, if you do not need it, you could turn it off and never see it again. Answering questions why I do like something is like answering the question why I love my wife? I don't just like it, I need it. End of story. Installing the software and starting to work the very first minute. That's what I need. And, I believe, a lot of more people need the same. Not getting paid for customizing outdated UI. Maybe I do need to dig Steve Jobs out of the grave to explain things like that... 🙂

and Steve Jobs would say "I didn't get the patent, Microsoft owns that patent, that is why apple will not use it...".

It is owned by Microsoft, that is why its in all the Microsoft products.

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Steve Jobs would make a deal with Microsoft to  make the software more user friendly. Autodesk, Adobe and even Intellicad has Ribbon UI. Some company offers Ribbon UI for Open Office. Even Rhino UI has something simillar to that concept. Some developers think about the users.

The UI obviously is neglected by the developers with each release adding to to the debt. A major overhaul/modernisation should be a top priority but seeing how bad the UI for new features as search, folders, graphic overrides and design options is I don't think GS have the competence needed to give users a decent experience. 


Adding a ribbon seem like the kind of pseudo progress GS like to market so unfortunately I think we will get that before being able to efficiently customize the current work environment although GS is far from a position where they can spend development resources on something that a large portion of users will turn off (not that it stopped them with distance guides🙄).

@thesleepofreason wrote:


(The UI obviously is neglected by the developers with each release).


If (UI is really neglected) this is a good news, i hope development team won't touch the user interface as it's the most special part in Archicad.


Or at least until they apply the road map plans regarding it (like floating layers palette) which is in idea pool so take a deep breath and be patient 😊.




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I agree. I can find things in archicad with my eyes closed (most of the times)


The beauty does not extend to the way trace reference drawing works though (like not remembering the last thing you did).   But that is for another thread.