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Ribbon User interface


Ribbon User interface. It's not an opinion and I'm not asking for one. ArchiCAD needs Ribbon User interface as an option (turn On/turn Off). That would hurt nobody and would benefit probably half of the ArchiCAD users. The Option to have the access to the most of the tools/pallets in one place. It's 2024, not 2000 anymore. We don't want to stay behind forever. Ribbon, please. Thank you.


I take some time after the excelent 48ers-lioness game (i dont know if i can write real team names here), to reiterate that I think the revit ribbon behaves quite nicely as you find everything rather quickly. Of course, once you click an icon and get inside those horrendous dialogue boxes its no-mans land. So yeah.


Autocad ribbon is the opossite. A complete mess which tries to do too much and accomplishes nothing, and it cannot even compare with, in my opinion, the greatest input interfase of them all,  and which happens to be in the same software: the autocad command line (that is, if you take the time to learn the commands and optimize the aliases to your liking). So i guess they put the ribbon there to be "hip and with-it" and please people that didnt want to use the command line and experience true efficiency.


If anything,  i would fight for more but simpler keyboard command input in archicad rather than something like the ribbon.  Im not being negative or old fashioned just because: Take into account that most other software you mentioned handle a lot of subelements editing, which lends itself to nested graphical commands represented by icons, which is fine.  But archicad 3d workflow doesnt currently behave in that way as there isnt much subelement editing, and the tools that do allow for semi-subelement edition , like stairs, have so so many options that it would be impractical to put them into graphical nested icons.


As for tools with nested commands, you have the pet pallet, which works great once You get used to it, which takes about 3 weeks.


So i ask once again:  What benefits do you think Archicad could get from implementing the ribbon or an interfase like the ones you mentioned, and most importantly, how do you think it could be implemented that truly enhances the experience beyond what we currently have with current archicad workflows? 


Like @runxel said, it certainly is not the most pressing issue, but i can imagine in the near future almost every command being integrated and merged with AI. That is, beyond icons, ribbons and what not, to create a completely inmerssive, intuitive and seamless design experience. Then we would have progress.

Hi @jl_lt, I recorded the DL v SF and haven’t watched it yet but I think 48rs are the favourites over the lionesses lol.


I think setting up our own tool bars is the way to go for now. In AC27 I have DG’s enabled with the nested options too ! 

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I'm 100% with you about the command line. With today's technology it is way better than it was decades ago. Giving AC a mighty cli and way to automate tasks by scripts would boost productivity. Call it Archicad Nerd Edition.

Agree, but, wasnt Archicad for nerds already?