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SEO renovation status/filter

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SEOs would a lot more usefull is you could activate them on different renovation status and filters. For example an SEO that is active only in Existing Status and another only in New. Just like walls objects etc that we can set their Renovation Status and filter.

Emre Senoglu
Surprised to see there isn't a bigger demand for this - it would greatly enhance the renovation tools.
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I agree: Definitely "essential"... as part of a far more extensive upgrade of the renovation filter.
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I'd add my vote to this, the SEO should only be active is the operating elements is visible in that renovation status. Typical example - new slab for an extension, SEO the proposed slab from the existing ground (mesh) then the 'hole' is visible on the existing when it shouldn't be.

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Yes, the inability to sequence operations is a real obstacle to a smooth workflow from concept design to building management. A new approach is needed.  

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