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Save Library Object as older Archicad version

Lukas Zeleny

We have created some Office specific library objects. They are usually created or edited in latest Archicad version. But we work on more projects at the same time that share same library. Some of them are older and use older Archicad version.

We aleso colaborate with other offices that sometimes dont have latest Archicad and we want to share Archicad files with them, We can save AC file to lower version but libraries will remain unusable (only option is to use IFC)

Now we have two options:

1. create library objects in the oldest Archicad that is used

2. create versions of older Objects, that needs editing for new project, to work in both versions

This will stil not eliminate possibility that the same object was used in some archiced project and you wil not be abele to use it again. There are ofcours workflows for this case involwing backuping libraries for every version or saving pla files for archives. Nevertheless, there are occasional problems when someone owerwrites Object without creating backup.


It would be great to have option to save library object in older version as you have with Archicad file. Even if it was just a version below.

Or to have option to save objects in some kind of "compatible mode" which will be accesible for example 5 versions back (Some objects are simple 2D schemes so they dont use any inovative Archicad functions.).

Or will this function interfere with  Graphisofts recommendation to convert all Library object to AC version in which they will be used?


Barry Kelly

If your library objects are in the 'Embedded Library' when you archive as an older file, then they should also be saved as compatible for the older version.

Of course this means you have to add the object to the embedded library before you archive and then you will have to export them out afterwards so you can use them in different projects.


However, they will not translate back if you have used any 25 specific commands in the objects (or commands that did not exist in the version you are going back to).


I make a habit of creating new objects in the oldest version of Archicad that I want to use.

Then it is just a case of adding that object to my office library and it will work in any version after the version it was made for.




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Thanks Kelly, archiving project is only minor issue. When it is done right project is saved as PLA vit all used library objects so there is no issue when we open it later. 


it is complicated to keep libraries up and running on live projects where are used more AC versions and you want to create your content in current office template which is in newest AC. Your way is now the only option.


Hey Lukas, I'd second Barry and say you should develop in the lowest version you're using – then there will be no temptation to use any command that is not already available.

But to solve your current need just use the LP_XMLConverter. It is able to back save to older versions.

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LP_XMLConverter is new for me. Thanks, I'll take a closer look on it.