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Schedule save default format


One would assume most commonly users would want to save as Excel. For whatever reason current default is Word. 
Perhaps because alphabetically .doc comes before .xls?

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Barry Kelly

@DavorP wrote:

Perhaps because alphabetically .doc comes before .xls?

It doesn't seem to be an alphabetical thing.

It is just the first in the list of 'Save as type' drop down.



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You're right, there's a .dwf down the list. In any case, it might be better to have the more often used format than Word doc as default. I only ever saved doc file out of Archicad by mistake. LoL Archicad also doesn't remember the last used and if you save .xlsx and are saving again, it will default to .doc
I know it is a minor thing and I mostly use publisher when exporting data so once you set format in there you don't have these issues, I just thought it could be improved a little.

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