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Screen mode/Presentation/Print mode on Layouts to preview how Layout sheet will look once printed


It would be great to have a way to preview layouts as they will look once printed, similar to Adobe InDesign's Screen Mode, which hides the gridlines etc and shows only what will finally be printed and in the way it will. 


Presentation/Print Mode would:

- only show what ends up being printed

- make the master layouts appear as they will when printed

- hide the print edge/borderline 




If there is a way to do this that I am unaware of, please let me know.



Oh yes, please!

I've been hitting "W" so many times now... took some time to finally get rid of that habit on a layout 😄

I already have disabled to "show Master layout elements in a different color", but I'm a big fan of the textblock corners and drawing frames.

This is also a long standing wish of mine: Having all the on-screen options tied together in an on-screen quick option menu, where we could switch between different sets. I think that would be even more powerful than the thing you suggested.

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The way I do this is: Publish to PDF and use Acrobat in full screen mode. Would be nice to be able to do in AC.


You can get sort of close by hiding all the menus and palettes and what not, but it's not true full screen.

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