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Send & Receive, Release All, Close process is annoying. Please fix (Images)


I have become annoyed at the number of boxes that pop up as I attempt to  Send & Save, Release All and Close a project on the BIMCloud server (free version). Archicad 25 Build 7000 Full

First thing I do is “Send and Receive” and then right away without doing anything else...
I second, “Release All” because “closing” the project does not release all as it is suppose too. And the first box that pops up asks me if I want to Send and Release All, which I just did and will do again, because "Cancel" stops the process.
1st box - After _Release All_.png

And While I am waiting and waiting (and at this point I often go do something else because I forget that another box will pop up and pause the whole process until I respond.) This is supper annoying because I already answered the question in the first pop-up and nothing happens unless I do. I have had this box sit for hours because I went to a meeting and people are waiting for my updates and a large part of the upload/download is till yet ahead after responding to this second and useless time-highjack box.
2nd box After waiting after already answeing this question.png

Third, After releasing everything, I often need to close the project, So I select “Close” (this does not actually Release All consistently) and I get this repeat box, which again asked me to send changes and Release All, which it DOES NOT do...
3rd box - after selecting _Close_.png

Then another box pops up, highjacking the closing process and making my computer wait again for something that has been done three times in this process. And I NEVER go with the Snapshot as it takes twice as long and I am already frustrated by the long process that continues.
4th box - After waiting to close the project After I selected Send & Save upon closing.png

Is there any way Graphisoft could streamline this shutdown process that does not require my user input 4 times? It usually take about five minutes if I am standing near by to respond to all 4 boxes and If I chose to save the Snapshot it adds another five for a total of ten minutes. If I need to leave the office with my computer and make sure all is up-to-date on the project server, I have to start the shut-down process 15 minutes before I leave and pay attention to the boxes. There should be a new button/menu item to “Save, Release & Close” the project and it will do just that, Save the project to the server, Release All, and then close, without ANY further interaction from the use. So I should be able to Select and walk away, done. But it does not.
This just seems like poor user interface programing for such an advanced piece of software. I am working on AC25 and I hope this is not going to be another frustrating issue for AC27 and beyond.

Todd Oeftger
AC27 Mac MacBook Pro 15", 2019, 2.3 GHz i9, 32GB, Radeon Pro 560X 4GB, 500GB SSD, 32" Samsung Display (2560x1440)



Completely agree, this process is annoying and un-surprisingly (?) on the BCPro as well.


Btw. how big are your TW files, as in you should not really have to wait that long...?





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