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Separate units and rounding option between interactive schedules and autotext labels

Johan Cosandey S22



We have a recurring problem with our labels unit and rounding. They are currently handled in the "Project preferences" dialog in the "Calculation units" category and are tied to the interactive schedules. 


This is a problem for us, as we want to display length in meter in our schedules and in centimeter in our labels.

Additionnaly, rounding doesn't work properly for autotext labels. You cannot display the "Extra accuray" in the autotexts.


There are a few options to solve this : 

1) Create an additional menu in the "Project Preferences" dialog specifically destined to autotext labels

2) Integrate autotext labels units and rounding directly into the "Dimensions" option


This second option makes the most sense for us as it lets us create different variations depending on the type of plan we're creating. It seems logical to be able to set this just like dimensions. 


Best regards



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