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Show on Stories should always have a custom option

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Every 3D item - walls, morphs, meshes , objects, slabs, trees, etc. Should always have a "Show on Stories" option of "Custom." Quick Example, I want an AC condenser and it's screen wall to show on story 1, so that it shows on the first floor mechanical plan, but also on the roof story, because that is from where the site plan is generated. Please just let me pick where I want something to show up.
I have been asking for this for years, if only to standardise the tool interface. Doesn't seem to stir much interest at GS HQ.
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

When is this finally available? This would be so helpfull for buildings with roofgardens on different levels for example!



One of those "Custom" Options should always be "Projected with Overhead". In other words, ignore stories and if an object is housed on the 1st story but reaches up to the 2nd story, it'll show up on the 2nd story as well. Items housed on the 2nd floor would show up in RCP views of the first floor. This would be consistent with the Morph options. 

Not saying it's not a grand idea, but I've never had issues getting things to show where I want with the current systems in place. I model to the real world as I'm sure most do and I always get the display I'm after.

But it would be cool if everything had the same options for floor plan display and maybe even control the stack based on location if desired. Pretty sure that's a wish somewhere.

There just needs to be consistent options regardless of the element.