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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Simpler tracker math operation (V27 and beyond)


Please simplify the process to use math in the tracker. It's cumbersome and complicated. Should be as simple as using a basic calculator. 


I want to drag an element 7'-7 1/16" divided by 4.

Current method = activate drag, move cursor in direction of drag, then type in the distance of 7'-7 1/16", then tab through the tracker inputs until reaching the x, y, or z coordinate input or tabbing back through to the distance input and then typing 4//. 


This method should be much more straightforward but more so just have less steps and clarity such as:

activate drag, move cursor in direction, then type 7'-7 1/16" (or 91 1/16") space /4 (or //4 ) directly in a single distance box or directly in the x, y, or z coordinate box of the tracker such that I can see the original distance AND the math at one time. The additional tab throughs waste time and complicate the entry.  Also it is an aid in accuracy to see the entire entry of [the entered amount of distance or angle] with [the math affecting the entered amount] in one line. That way one can make sure what is typed is what is intended.


If I'm in error on how I am using the math in the tracker, or there is a simpler method, if someone could please show me a syntax or sequence that simplifies this then I'll see if I can replicate it. That said, it shouldn't be this cumbersome to have to figure it out which is also a commentary on the useless text in the user manual specific to this. 


A related sub-wish: Whoever at Graphisoft is designing/responsible for these interface methods and writing the subsequent instruction in the user manual needs to think like an architect, not like a programmer. Keep the interface simple for the user. We are not all coders.


Harsh tone in this 'wish' is due to paying increasing fees for software features that appear half-baked, ill-conceived, or simply do not work as stated.  Graphisoft, please listen to the frustration of your users. 

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Patrick M

honestly, I've given up trying to figure out the math in the tracker stuff... it's faster to draw pLines where I need and move things from there. Also, the broken tracker origin reset feature also makes this kind of necessary anyway


BIM solutions and trouble shooting (self proclaimed) expert. Using Archicad 26 5002 US on Mac OS 11.5.2
Barry Kelly

Metric working units complicates this a little bit.

I believe  a single / means feet and a double // means divide.


If your tracker is set to display distance and angle (prefer polar co-ordinates), then there should be no need to tab through to X, Y or Z.

Drag your element and the tracker will display the distance and angle you are moving, then just type 4// ENTER (for metric users it is just 4/).

What ever you type will go in the distance field by default.



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