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Skylight Tools


I simply would like to put a skylight in my roof like this....

Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 12.49.30 AM.png

Using the roof tool I put the composite roof on top of these beams and then added a layer of 1x6 timber between the metal sheeting up top. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 12.54.17 AM.png

 Underneath I built a frame for the skylight. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 12.55.01 AM.png


The skylight sits directly on the metal sheeting on the top most roof layer shown in the first image. I want the skylight to go through both layers of the roof...Any ideas how to achieve this? 



If we ever get the opening tool to work with roofs this should be easy.


For 3D purposes you could form a Morph and subtract it from the elements you want to remove using SEO. The Morph needs to be assigned a strong Building Material with a high Intersection Priority Value. Place the morph on a layer that will normally be hidden with its own unique Intersection Priority. Unfortunately SEOs won't show in 2D plans.


Alternatively you may be able to create a hole in roof if you are using roof plane elements to assist.

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Ian Knowles

The simplest solution with the current build-up is creating a hole, as @DGSketcher suggested.


Alternatively, you could add the internal timber sheeting to the composite build-up so the rooflight will register the roof as a whole. It will likely need to have a separate eaves detail.


What I ended up doing is redefining my composite roof, I just added air space between the layers I wanted to have the timber. Originally I drew to roofing materials on top of each other with timber in between. That allowed me to use the skylight tool so that I could place a skylight that went through the entire roof...


I ended up having to manipulate the top-most layer so laying my skylight for some reason only could cut through the bottom composite roof and not the topmost metal roofing. I watched the "how to cut a hole in a complex roof" video and basically used the roof tool again, to make the actual hole the size I needed. 

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