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Slab Outline Toggle

Sometimes I wish would have a Slab outline toggle option and the additional option to show/hide a selected outline. I know the basic one is possible with the slab layer on/off, but it's the second toggle option which would give us more control of how a plan drawing can look like.

The same option would be useful on all surface based tools like fills, roofs, etc.

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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Yes, I think this would be an important and useful feature for all polygonal tools. One should be able to set the Pen and Line Type of each individual edge, plus toggle its visibility individually.
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Johan Stinckens
I think this is one of those issues which should have been resolved a long while ago, as are a lot of others we keep getting stuck with.

We frequently want to show a cover fill for the flooring. Doing so the contour obstructs the hidden lines at openings (door/window). As a workaround, I have created a dots line with ample spacing so it doenst really show, but it is still there.

I really think this should be addressed, and the solution should be quite straightforward!
You would think at least someone on the beta-testing would have noticed the 'gap' in the tool window!

Johan Stinckens
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