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Slab to roof/mesh


Would be super helpful to be able to convert slabs to roof or mesh. We usually start with slabs for all kinds of things but when the project progresses we would model in falls. It would be a lot faster to be able to convert the slab to a roof or mesh rather than having to magic wand.... 

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There is a mesh to roof tool in the goodies. I use it for geodesic domes. Not what yours asking but can help pending the desired outcome 

Barry Kelly

I am not sure it would be any faster at all for the amount of times you would need to do it.


Set up roof/mesh tool, magic wand slab, delete slab, in the case of mesh now adjust top heights.


Compared to...


Select slab, convert to roof mesh, make settings to roof/mesh for required slope.

Even if you could select all slabs at one time, you would still have to edit the heights of each one individually.


Seems about the same effort to me.



If you know (or think) a slab will need to slope in future, just model a zero pitch roof or mesh in the first place.

They can be placed the same as a slab - manually or with magic wand, and can be any shape.



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@Yvonne If there are no skins involved then you could convert the slab to a Morph? It depends how complex the falls are.

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