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Space Planning Tool to draw walls in rectangular mode to ignore any existing walls created


Would it be possible to have a Space Planning Tool function in Archicad that would allow us to draw walls in rectangular mode and be able to ignore any existing walls that have already been drawn ?


To explain what I would like, please watch this video on Vectorworks from about 4 minutes and 30 seconds in to see what I mean.


Notice how this has been possible in VW many years ago. If it was possible in Archicad we would have a very speedy way of doing Space Planning when creating our design options.


This could in fact pave the way for a space planning tool right inside Archicad when used In conjunction with 3D zones defining the actual rooms.


What do others think, would this help increase our workflow ?

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Yes, this would make early planning much easier and remove some of the extra work of having to go back and delete all the extra walls. .



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