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Why would anyone not want to start Archicad without the special menu?? Why must you start Archciad with a Ctrl Alt to get it (on windows)? It must be made easier than this?

So call me a ponter.
Dwight Atkinson
Dwight wrote:
So call me a ponter.
Looks more like you want to take off ...

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Thomas Holm
I actually use just one feature of the Special Menu - Show Penetration Lines. it slows down hidden line view generation a bit, but makes them immensely more useful. And that one dowsn't make it crash, at least not in AC7.

Are there any new features of the Special Menu in AC8?

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David Larrew
Karl wrote:
To keep on track, I'm with Dwight, David - please share more. I know you've had way more experience than me because of the huge user base you support and work with, so if I'm headed for a pit, extra warnings appreciated.

(Since 8R1, I confess to having autosave set to every 5 steps and backing up daily - and during the day if I've been productive; even though the crashes are gone, I've stuck with the habit, so hopefully am protected against the demons about which you warn.)
You hit the nail on the head... The size of my user-base requires a somewhat conservative approach to support. In fact, I don't even let my "Power Users" use the SM.

Don't let me scare you away from experimenting with the SM, there are many commands and extended features that do help advanced/experienced users. In fact, I recommend that any CAD manager reading this SHOULD get to know the "Special Menu".

One piece of advice I can give you... The stepped "Autosave" will not save you from losing Section/Elevation information, lost or corrupted Quickviews (7.0) or View Sets (8.*), or worst of all a corrupted file database. I've seen them all.
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