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Stair Tool - Selectable Presets for Rules and Standards

Josh Verran

With the Stair Tool, under Rules and Standards, it is possible to define minimum and maximum measurements for parameters like Tread and Riser among other things.



This ensures that the stair design is compliant with legislation etc.
In New Zealand, we have different requirements for stairs that service Common areas, Secondary, Accessible etc.
Using those examples, I could go ahead and set up favorites, eg Timber Stair - Common, Timber Stair - Secondary etc.

What would be better, is if I could grab my single Timber Stair favorite, then under the Rules and Standards tab, select a relevant preset.

There is a similar UI that already exists in the Boundary tool which is available down here from national distributor Central Innovation. You can set up regional rules for setback and overshadowing.




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Barry Kelly

Those settings are saved with the favourite, so you could create duplicate favourites.


I am not sure if you could even edit those settings in GDL.

I suspect they are coded into the program itself.

When I open the stair objects, I see no interface script for the rules.





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