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Story Settings Improvements

James B
OK, I know I've talked about this before in other thread, but I made a few changes so thought why not give it it's own thread. So I did

Things that really annoy me in the story settings:
- can only see about 5 story's at one time (streching the window does nothing to help)
- what's with the whole "edit elements of selected story" and "events list", who actually uses it? Is it that useful?
- can't hide or lock a story like you can with a layer (yes I know you can use the "elements to show in 3d" window, but shouldn't the function be with the story settings?

I've put together how a new settings dialog might look for MacOSX (which many probably would have seen by now). I've also included a quested feature of sub stories.

(a better description is on my web page under Interface).

James Badcock
Graphisoft Senior Product Manager
Andy Thomson
more stories shown and better scrolling up/dn at the very least.
Andy Thomson, M.Arch, OAA, MRAIC
Thomson Architecture, Inc.
Instructor/Lecturer, Toronto Metropolitan University Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science
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