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Super views: views composition tools



Since the spring wishlist clearing is going on, I'll leave my long-time wish: a composition tool for views.

Archicad is currently very rigid: if you are working on a floor plan, you can only see that floor; the same applies to drawings, etc.

However, in every project I've worked on, it has happened that I needed to work on and represent elements on a specific floor that had a correlation with something maybe five floors underneath.

So, my wish is for a super view tool that can join multiple views. In this super view, it should be possible to edit objects (walls, lines, etc.).

I know it is possible to stack multiple views on layouts, but it's not easy to adjust the drawing order, and this method is prone to errors (for example, it's quite easy to accidentally move one view, causing it to no longer be correctly referenced to the one below).

Additionally, Trace and Reference has become super slow and laggy in the latest versions.

A graphical interface like Grasshopper should be the way this tool works.

See the image attached.


Diagramma senza titolo.jpg