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Suspend SEOs with Layer Priority of Zero

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Briefly (only in AC10 AFAIK) it was possible to suspend solid operations by setting the operators' layer's intersection priority to zero. I thought this was a great feature at the time but when it disappeared in AC11 I realized it must have just been a quirk.

I think it would be great to bring this back if there is not some deep dark reason in the code that it would cause problems.

I am not suggesting that SEOs should be responsive to all layer intersection settings. This would create far more trouble than it's worth.
Karl Ottenstein
Before I vote... could you give several examples of where this would be useful in practice?

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Trying to enhance / create and ON/OFF feature for SEO's (individually, or in this case, by their layer combo setting)...

So, invision that you have a complex cutaway that can be done with an object or shape or element... but this cutaway need only be temporary.. For all other drawings, we want to see the entire building.

I am confident that creating an object and using MVO's "could" produce a similar result, this feature would allow the masses to more easily achieve it (me being one of the mass)....

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In a project with lots of complex SEOs having the ability to temporarily turn them off by layer combo/settings could be handy for better performance in 3D editing.

When SEOs fail it would provide a troubleshooting option.

When I first ran into it was when I was preparing a demo of SEOs for cornice/rake miters in AC10. It was handy being able to turn them on and off to show the parts cut and uncut.

Not really compelling needs. The best use is probably the custom cutaway that Duane mentions which came up in another forum and inspired me to post the wish.
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I am recently reminded of why this would be so useful for me.

I do quite a few phased site logistics models and use lots of SEOs to model the changing site conditions over the course of the project. Right now I typically have to make copies of the work site for each change of conditions and repeat typical SEOs for each new work site model. This gets complicated very fast and would be dramatically improved if I could selectively turn operations on and off by layer combinations.

It might not be much use to most people, but it would be hugely useful to me and presumably at least somewhat to very useful to at least a few others. Since it was the default condition back in AC10 it seems like it would't take much to (re)implement.
Erika Epstein
Matthew wrote:
would be dramatically improved if I could selectively turn operations on and off by layer combinations.
Great example. Can you start a new poll for this, I'd like to vote again
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