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Text contour offset in dimension text


Hi all,


I want to be in more control of the dimension text settings. There should at least be an option to offset the bounding box from the text. In all views, when it gets crowded with lines and information, the text contour line just makes it worse when there is no separation between it and the text at all. It becomes hard to separate what is the contour line of the text, and what are lines in the drawing, because it is unnaturally close to the text.


Nobody wants a contour line on the edge of the text, so at least set the standart offset to a percentage of the text size or something, so that it scales with the text and drawing scale, or something to that effect.


I feel like I might be missing something, because this is so elementary stuff. But I don't believe there is any way to achieve any contour line offset in any dimension text.


Thanks for any help.

Barry Kelly

Can you show an image of the problem?


Have you considered using a white fill background with no box?

Then there are no extra lines and the text will still be clearly visible.



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I think this might be related to this other thread, also struggling with dimensions, would love to be able to control dimensions better