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Transmittal sets to IFC


I would love to have the Change ID as a property and such as a possibility to save in the IFC Translator and emerge in IFC, to be read in an IFC-viewer. Property Manager under:



Only Transmittal Set ID and Transmittal Set Name is possible to see in an IFC-viewer.

The individual revisions have their separate number, the Change ID, and this ID number is not Transmittal Set ID or Transmittal Set Name which both are ment to hold collections of revision numbers.



Conclusion: In an IFC-viewer I want to pick a changed element in the IFC-model and see the individual Change ID from Archicad.



Ingolf Sundfør, Bricklayer, Author of several Real Life Problem Solving Books for Archicaddicts in Norway.
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have you looked at the issue manager and the BCF format more generally for this sort of work? a Change ID is a 2D element and isn't going to get picked up in an iFC AFAIK.

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