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UI/UX: Where can I find the address table for command referenced in the xml shortcuts


I have posted re: FKeys 13-24 which has been misunderstood etc and gained no traction



as with other programs, I am using a spreadsheet so that its easy to group and manage shortcuts logically and create a simple way to manage what can become a time consuming task. I look at the responses so far and each user would have to painstakingly manually create profiles etc but this is the format I generally use ie Pivot type table with english and then assemble required xml





This currently assembles the xml file required for import but I cannot find an address table with plain english names where I can create a look up table

ie as below, the "1807-0x00000000-0x00000000" number is required as the address for the shortcut to execute




Is it also possible to allow special keys f13-24 to at least exist in this file so it will be my responsibility to manage without adding supposed 'unneeded' features.



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