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Upload license key

Anne-Leen W

Why isn't there an option to upload license keys from a distance? 

It has happened a couple of times that we forget to upload our license key at home. 

And as a result we don't have enough license keys at work. 


There should be an option to upload a key from a distance. 

Is there a way that we can ask to implement it in the next Archicad version of in the graphisoft website? 




Yes, I sort of feel identified with you and I do not know if they have changed this method though.


I have forgotten several times my license key at home so sometimes I used team viewer for remote control access but eventually ended up developing a new skill to remind myself to upload the license every day after work. 


Having said that, it would be great if Graphisoft develops something to avoid this issue?!


Kind regards



Eric Milberger

I use a screen sharing app where I can log in at home and upload the license then download at my onsite location.  Great unless you have poor internet.

Eric Milberger, Architect | Master Planner

I'm still wondering about this as other companies have shifted to user/cloud licenses from network licenses. Archicad should at least have an auto upload license back to the cloud after closing a session. 

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I like the way ADOBE and Microsoft handle this problem.


You login on thesoftware and if your license is in use it gives you the option to close the other and login on the new.

Eric Milberger, Architect | Master Planner