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Valid license should be able to run ANY global version of Archicad

Karl Ottenstein

Wish:  any valid license should be able to run any version of Archicad localized to any country world-wide.   Professional/Professional, EDU/EDU, etc.


It is a historic artifact that Archicad is hard-coded in each global language for which it is available - vs letting the user choose the language interface at will like other software.  It is also a historic pre-global-marketplace artifact that each country specific version has version-specific content delivered by the country's distributor.  None of that is the customer's concern... but were all business decisions by Graphisoft.


This wish is so that global workers in a global economy can use whatever version of Archicad the team with which they are working is using.   If I work with a company in Finland (and speak the language), I should be able to download and run FIN.  If Spain, SPA.  Etc.  And, absolutely every license, cloud or physical, should be able to run INT.


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