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Vehicle tracking


We work in the motor industry and part of our work involves using vehicle tracking software in 2D & 3D. Currently we have to have a full version of AutoCAD to run AutoTURN.


Why does Graphisoft not have a plug in for something like this? Using library tracking curves is not enough.


Can Graphisoft advise why they don’t have a link to a dedicated tool, this must be a requirement of other designers. The inclusion of this would mean that we could remove the need for AutoCAD completely.


We look forward to your help on this.


A long time ago there was a Tracking Curve Tool library object available for NZ Select and Cadimage Premium Subscribers

I believe some Cadimage Tools have been further developed by Central Innovation by the name CI Tools. The vehicle tracking curve tool is not there anymore so I guess it hasn't been updated for new Archicad versions.

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a long time ago Cadimage offered these for free.

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Very relevant, and very required facility. Please add to the Wishlist.

I usually have to get it done by a traffic specialist and insert the dumb 2D in the model for reference.

online autoturn works up to a point, but not fully

I still have the old NZ libraries and they work, up to a point. It is even possible to move the box model along the path and animate it within Archicad, if I remember correctly.


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Thanks for the feedback, we use the full AutoTurn with AutoCAD and its a painful waste of time and money, if only there was an integrated solution.

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I think the problem with these things are that local norms/rules (norm vehicles) are different, making the market a niche market.

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Though the curves can all be calculated if the user just inserts the relevant vehicle dimensions, which could even be loaded from a secondary file that can localised or user modified.

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And this possibility is already inclueded in Allplan since years !

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It's also integrated in Vectorworks:




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The archicad tool is very basic, clumsy & you can’t change radius mid turn, it’s a start but not good enough