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Verifying placed drawings

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OK, I cannot seem to find a way to do this, so I'm making a wish.

In the drawing list window, I think that ALL of the model views should be shown along with the layouts that they are placed on. (It seems that only the layout views are shown).
If they have not yet been placed on a layout this should show as a blank area in the chart. This way you would know immediately which drawings still need to be placed on a sheet.
Karl Ottenstein
I agree that something like this would be useful - a report of unplaced views for auditing the project. (Don't forget to vote in your own poll.)

But, it would not be quite as simple as you suggest, Millard, because a view can be placed any number of times. Each placed view is a drawing.

In 10, the Drawing List lists every drawing (some of which may be from the same view) along with the sheet on which the drawing was placed.

The View List lists every view, and its options.

Looking at the additional fields that can be displayed and edited in the schedule, the options are quite different for drawings vs views.

Merely appending a list of unplaced views onto the Drawing List - doesn't necessarily give a useful schedule.

So, I'd suggest amending the request to be the ability to simply generate a report listing unplaced views. (This is one of dozens of kinds of reports that one can envision that would help one audit/error-check a file.)


PS SQL does not offer any help since there is no information about views and drawings that can be retrieved via the published schema.
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