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WISH: Ability to control the visibility of the elements in 2D spaces:


I strongly advocate for the implementation of an ability to control element visibility in 2D views, similar to what we already have in 3D space. While I appreciate the provided response in the Q&A session


“Stefan Veselinović, Bureau Cube Partners: Can we expect the possibility in near future to have element control view in 2d views as we have in the 3D window?

You can control element view in 2D via many workflows. Layers with Layer Combinations, Design Options or even the Renovation workflow. To control their Graphic representation, you can use Graphic Overrides. Currently, we do not plan to add further controls."


This kind of response makes me wonder. Does the old motive: “Developed for an architect by architects” still stand?

If the premise is that 2D development should be left out and solely focus on 3D,  my question would be.

Why do the biggest percentage of the AEC users still depend on 2D workflows and 2D software such as AutoCAD, and why do many countries still even with the IFC still demand PDF deliverables as adjoined packages with IFC?


I would like to hear the answer in that regard." @GRAPHISOFT 


I believe that the current solutions using layers with Layer Combinations, Design Options, or Graphic Overrides are not sufficient.

Allow me to elaborate on the top three examples where the ability to control 2D visibility is crucial:


Enhanced Efficiency in Design: When working on specific areas or elements within the model, simple isolation by selection, as available in 3D space, would significantly improve user efficiency.


Simplified Element Isolation: Currently, we often resort to creating multiple layers for specific graphical representations or deliverables. This becomes cumbersome, especially when dealing with annotations, where elements belong logically to one layer but require different scales or information. The ability to isolate elements within a layer, perhaps through Graphic Override options, would alleviate the need for excessive layer creation and enhance the flexibility of graphical representation.


Improved Information Handling and Audit Tool: Enabling a method to isolate elements in 2D views would not only serve as a powerful audit tool but also enhance information processing. With advanced filtering options, it would provide superior information management compared to what is currently possible with layers.


This may be harsh but as Archicad continues to evolve, prioritizing the implementation of this feature would align with the needs of architects and design professionals and reinforce Archicad's commitment to being developed in the spirit of their slogan "For the architects by the architects."



Stefan Veselinović
BIM Manager for Bureau Cube Partners, Serbia