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2024 Technology Preview Program:
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WISH: DWG translator improvements - Smart way of exporting elements


Hello everyone,


It's not that surprising, but even in the age of BIM technologies, the AEC industry still relies heavily on the DWG format. It's crucial to tackle some of the shortcomings of the current DWG translator.

A notable issue is its inability to export only the elements displayed on floorplans/sections based on drawing order, without relying too much on the layer combination.


While layer combination is a primary method of controlling visibility, drawings are intricate systems where, occasionally, certain layers need to be both visible and hidden within the same drawing.

Ideally, the DWG output should reflect exactly what we see on our screens.


Let me give 2 simple examples what i mean by that:


1. Elements that are under the drip edge.

By simple logic, if we were to draw in dwg/or by hand we wouldn't draw walls or other elements, or we would show hidden lines but for now, let's assume that lines under drip edge shouldn't be exported

2. Structural slabs that are under the floor coverings.

This is very hard to manage with layers, being that in the same instance, you both need and don't need a structural slab to be seen in the floor plan.




Stefan Veselinović
BIM Manager for Bureau Cube Partners, Serbia