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WISH: Zone Gross Volume



as we must comply with our country's norms about explaining and showing gross areas and volumes, I wish we could Schedule a Zone's Gross Volume.

It would much simplify the task.



Please explain your country's gross area definition

Hi! That is not important now. The point was, I want to be able to extract in Schedules the Gross Volume of Zones, not only the Calculates/Reduced Volume.


I draw the Gross zone around the perimeter of my building, on every story, and I want the volume (Gross). When I schedule, the Volume is not right, because it is reduced by columns, walls and so on.


In that case, try measured area

The area is not the problem. I am talking about Volumes...

In Project Preferences > Zones, you can set what is or isn't deducted from zones.

Does that help?



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That's why in the German version we are advised to draw the gross volume with morphs.

But I agree it is a bit weird that we can't get the gross volume (it just shows "---" in a schedule) – my guess it's because Archicad could not differentiate between a legit SEO/roof-cut and one that should be disregarded for the gross volume.

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Yes, exactly.

I will think about your tip, even though it is another workaround. I wish the new updates will give us new options to get rid of those silly workarounds.

Some things should be pretty straightforward.



Through national regulation we have to extract gross and net volumes / areas based on the ISO 9836 standard. In Germany I believe it is the DIN 277 norm they have to follow. Both have a lot in common.

True, right now we can not schedule all these areas and and volumes using ther zone tool. We also use morphs for gross volumes and fills for gross areas. Both are workarounds, but we have it all streamlined and it does give us everything we need for our Schedules.

But this workarounds do require extra manhours and I would be very happy if the zone tool would be upgraded in a way, so we could extract all these data into schedules without the extra work.

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I agree it feels like a workaround, but otherwise there would be the problem of overlapping zones (rooms vs. gross) and Archicad does not like overlapping zones.

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