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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Post your wishes about Graphisoft products: Archicad, BIMx, BIMcloud, and DDScad.

WISHES: Fix the Stair tool -it's so hard to use!


The stair tool is really un-intuitive.

The rules make it really hard to model an existing stair that is three hundred years old and does not follow any kind of building code. 

And when you finally get something that looks about right it doesn't appear on your layout for NO GOOD REASON despite checking all the sensible reasons like renovation filters, layers, graphic overrides, pen sets etc... 

So you draw a new stair... but then you just have two the same place...and you still can't see them on your layout...

Barry Kelly

The rules are there so your new stair can comply with those rules, as they probably should.

But if you are modelling an existing stair that does not comply with any rules, then you can turn the rules off, and you should have much better flexibility.


As for why it doesn't appear on the layout, it is hard to say.

But I would guess there really is a good reason.


Feel free to create a post asking for help and even upload a file with the problem.

Strip the file to just the problem stair and layouts if you don't want to share the whole model.

Zip the file and attach to post or use a file share site.



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