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Walls that act like slabs

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Am I missing something? I would like to use the wall tool in the same manner as I use the slab tool. For example: You can draw a slab and have it show as a dotted line on other stories. However you can't do this with a wall.

It would be proper to be able to show the wall with the roof, or a wall with the foundation. As it is I draw the 1st floor wall and once it is set in stone, FINAL, then I trace it using the slab polygon tool, the setting is thickness 0". Now I tell it to display on all stories, set the outline linetype and place it on a layer called ghost 1st floor. Now I can go to the roof story and turn on the ghost image of the walls below it. Likewise I can turn on this layer when I am drawing the foundation plan.

I would not need to do this if the wall tool was just as smart as the slab tool. Is this clear? Wishful thinking.

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