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Why Archicad dont implement a feature to paint the walls like the Sketchup or Revit?

Yago Castro

Recently i haved to work with an interior project that has a wall with a polygnal paint, and i have to create a curtain wall to do that. Its works but give me a lot of headache, so i think, why not simple copy fuction of others softwares that really work for it. I choose the Archicad as my primary software BIM because thats was proposed, and big part of time, that really is, to be a simple software, but when a have to paint a wall just to the ceilling level(especially when the ceilling has unevenness), man, i feel that i need to migrate all the project to Revit just to do this.

Eduardo Rolon

Try using Complex Profile Walls instead of CW. You will be able to define multiple skins with different colors.

If you need a poligonal inset in a wall then you can use the opening tool to draw the polygon.

Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 6.24.15 PM.png

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Laszlo Nagy
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That is a pretty good tip Eduardo to use Openings for this purpose. If the Opening is placed as a Wall Niche and its depth is set to a very small value (like 0.2-0.3 millimeters), it gives the desired results and it is almost as if the Wall surface was painted to a different color.

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A zero thickness opening would become a paint tool! Of course openings can be a trainwreck with floor plan display.

Another solution would be a thin complex profile beam made with a slightly stronger BMat than the outside face of the wall. Not as easy to manipulate as the opening, but the surface would be flush.

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It´s also possible to open a section/interior elevation showing the wall, use fills with different colours to "paint it", and then copy/paste these fills into a comlex profile wall - and then use this profile to make a visual representation of the colours. I have made a quick example, this wall is of course far to "thick" (note the reference line) - but you adjust that to be 1mm or whatever thickness you want.

It is a hazzle to keep updated if you have doors and windows you need to move around, so you might need to adjust the profile to match this from time to time. 

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