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Window and Door tools need more settings

Cosmin Ghioanca

Hello, everyone. I use standard tools for windows and doors 99% of the time and I can say it was a good tool for all this time. Times change and lately they change a lot. I believe it's time to expect quite an update for those 2 tools:

1 - Frame geometry needs to accept the customization of all sides - rectangular section is unrealistic and this brings the need for too many drafting changes in sections and details

2 - Threshold needs to accept customization also - we should be able to create such a geometry that can suggest the extension profiles (currently I use a workaround for doors on sides and top, also for windows the same solution works all around)

3 - board and sill need to accept more customization also - metallic sill is what I use most of the time and I expect to be able to use ends for it; also I need to be able to rise wall insulation up to the profile. Inside I usually cover the extension profile using rigid insulation or wood and mount the board over that. Up to this point I use profile manager to do all those profiles and place them inside and outside. Those workarounds do their job 90% of the time but we need some professional tools to make those tasks possible

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Yes, in my opinion it's the same:
The representation especially of windows in Archicad is not up to date anymore.
when I visit the the German Graphisoft Website I read first the slogan in big letters: 'Great planning up to the details'.

The representation of windows does not justice such statement.

Why could it not be a bit more "realistic" in 1:50 and 1:20 scales. The just 1 cm thick glas irritates in this time where decrease of CO2 is one of the highest aim.


So back to our modeling in Archicad:

Basically aside of a more detailed display there should be the most common window profiles available… directly in Archicad (including low thresholds for balcony doors and also lift and sliding doors)…

… moreover so often I think: Why could we not have the possibilty to use common profiles for window-frames? (In a set for different scales like in  Library Part Maker)

ARCHICAD for Future

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I agree with all the above and that is why I created Infinite Openings for Archicad: Cadswift - Shop - Infinite Openings 

I first built this tool back in 2008 and have continually developed it. In 2017 I added custom profiles for frames and many other aspects. I also added our unique and very powerful Component Catalogues feature that allows you to store the custom profiles in a built in catalogue.


There are lots of videos on this tool on our YouTube channel: Cadswift - YouTube 

Specific playlist for Infinite Openings: Cadswift - YouTube - IO Playlist 

Specific video for frame profiles: Cadswift - YouTube - IO Frame Profiles 

Specific video for multiple glass panes: Cadswift - YouTube - IO Primary Glass 


You can also control the Level of Detail through model view options to simplify the appearance of complex frame profiles and multiple glass panes when you want to reduce the polygon count for different scales or views such as elevations: Cadswift - YouTube - IO LOD 


We have clients in Finland and Sweden who have asked us to add double windows (external and Internal) so we have done that recently but don't have a video for that yet.


I have spent time at Graphisoft Park in Budapest with the GDL team (during 2018 and 2019 before international travel stopped) who have given great advice on developing this tool. They were very impressed with what we have achieved so you can be confident in this tool.


Unfortunately it is not free but at least it does give you a solution and it is very inexpensive.

If you ask anyone on this forum who knows me they will tell you I provide a very good service and always develop the tool to cover what is needed. I work on this tool every week.


Creator of Cadswift's parametric GDL libraries
Creator of Infinite Openings and Component Catalogues
Push the envelope & watch it bend
website: https://cadswift.com.au/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CADSwift/playlists

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