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Wish: glTF export



I think it's extremely urgent to get the possibility to export to glTF from Archicad.

In a sector where complexity is rapidly increasing the rise of specialists is upon oss a long time ago. This is also present in the theme visualization. If it is rendering, animation and especial VR-software, sometimes you need to exchange with external expertise. A format that often is supported for exchange of 3D-model with textures are glTF. We have long had the possibility to export .obj and .fbx. But as of lately versions of Archicad the .fbx format is gone. Nether .obj or .fbx is considerd a modern file format and is not used by any software that can support any other format as glTF.


So please Grapisoft. Let us share our lovely Archicad models with others, including all the work we do to surfaces to make them look nice.

Martin Isak Jansen
(I'm the one everyone at my company asks the tech questions)

I believe both FBX and GLTF/GLB exports are needed asap!


We Concur 3d Viz on websites and through headwear such as Oculus, 

glTF or Glb is a must.

Even Better may be Glb as a self contained file format:,in%20one%20single%20compresse....


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Andy Thomson

gITF would be preferable, we can convert to binary GLB after with any number of converters but the code of gITF is more accessible and easier to modify and edit. These ( are conversions from AC generated dae (collada), obj, 3DS, formats, few of the available AC export options save materials well (integrated) with the exception of 3ds and dae, but even these are being widely supplanted by gITF. 

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