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Wish_to be able to put the name of the view map folder on the drawing title


Hi!  I understand that deleting views from cloned folders is a bad idea (because you break the conection of the cloned folder.) and individually naming plans, while not so bad, it becomes manual labor, something Archicad sometimes tries to eliminate.


When i clone a folder, what i do is give a proper name to that folder corresponging to the type of plan it is, even though all the plans or sections inside have the same name as in the project map.  I think it would be a good idea to be able to use that name folder as part of the drawing title. That way, you can have a second naming option on an upper level and probably you wouldnt have to manually name each view, as with the folder name plus its name proper would be sufficient to identify each drawing.


Edit: by the way, GS should adress the inability to erase views on cloned folders at least by letting us hide unused views in any given cloned folder, along with color coding for project, view map and layout for better organization 


It would be ideal if the "Drawing Name:" setting would recognize auto-text variables, such as, <#Layout Name>, in conjunction with the folder name.  That would truly automate the drawing naming process.

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