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Working on display tablet / cintiq / huion / xp pen


I'm trying to use AC with a 22" Huion tablet.

That's very disapointing, because you cannot even map a button for pan or zoom. Those commands exist but are in a toggle mode like any other tool, which makes it very hard to use since you need to press escap when you've done with zooming/panning.


In AC, the left hand is used a lot for shortcuts : copy and past, copy from a point, switch to up/down level, create groups, etc. And so with a tablet you need your left hand on the keybord and your right hand on the tablet with a stylus. The problems are :

- you cannot handle zoom and pan with your pen as you do with your mouse

- you have an asymetric posture which will be painful in the long run.


I think the only good way would be to get a large tablet with "touch", and to set toolbars to reach all the function with a finger. This way the left hand would stay on the screen (avoiding back pain), and the pan/zoom function would be there.


Does AC manage correctly the pinch for zooming and two fingers for panning ?

If true then the next thing would be to allow user to manage the buttons size no matter the resolution, without relying on windows, to get those button large enough to be used with a finger.


Last but not least, the free hand spline function is terrible with 100% crappy results. That's a shame because it could be very useful to create labels, comment and annotate our plans.


I think it would be a big improvement because working with our hands is way more satisfying than with a mouse and KB.


I understand your wish to use a tablet. I've been using a Wacom tablet for 8 years with great pleasure, I'm currently using Intuos Pro with touch feature. Zooming, paning, and orbit  works well with pen, touch, and the function wheel.

I can imagine the will work well on their pen computers and pen displays.   

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Thank you for your answer. What about the access to all the functions : do you still use your keyboard or do you access to all the function by toolbars ?


I still use my keyboard

Windows 11, Intel Xeon W-2125 CPU @ 4.00GHz (4 cores 8 threads), NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000, 64 GB RAM 2666MHz, 1 TB SSD.
Archicad 17-27
Jan Vlach

For the navigation issues with the tablet I would suggest to try the 3d Connexion mouse (it is more of a joystick than a mouse tbt) for your keyboard hand (to have it left of your keyboard) it offers fairly good 3d and 2d panning/ zooming and its supported by Archicad. Mind you, 3D Conn mouse + huion tablet might by worth as much as standalone wacom tablet that might be better solution.  

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Wish to save palets and menus individualy in work enviroments:

I use a cintiq 16.

I love it. I also have the Wacom pro pen.

I then use a razer Tartarus pro for all commands, numerical data entry, and some mouse clicks, pan and zoom as well.

I also use the Wacom controller sometimes if I want a break from the Tartarus.

I also sometimes use a Wacom mini tablet when using multiple screens 


I use a wacom intuos pro tablet. It lets me switch to the pen when my hand starts cramping.
The pen is so much lighter and you have the natural feel of a pen/pencil in your hand.
The scroll and short cuts are just so much better than a mouse.
In addition, I've had friends who have tried to switch from mouse to pen and given up. It's not for everyone.