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Working with multiple windows opened and updating in real-time

Rogerio M

Just like other modeling software, and even Archicad's biggest competitor, I really miss being able to work with multiple windows—floor plan, section, and 3D—open simultaneously, updating in real-time as changes are made.

It's frustrating that I can only undock the window and position it within the Archicad environment. For project development teams, it disrupts the workflow to have to click on another window and wait for it to update just to see a simple change you made in another window.

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Hi @Rogerio M,


I liked this wish as I really need it but don’t forget that immediate update in 3D can cause crises if I accidentally performed any operation in 2D that affects performance & needs few minutes for processing and may cause crashes as happening in Revit (the biggest competitor).

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I have liked this as I can see the benefit (if it can also be turned off).
Perhaps a starting point would be to make "Linked Tabs" a standard feature and take it out of "Experimental" where it has been for a number of years.

Switching between tabs or having multiple views I think is a personal preference and/or situational.

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