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ability to create a spreadsheet with values linked to other data, not just lines and text


Since Archicad is basically a database, I would like to be able to construct a simple spreadsheet for things like area tabulations.  It should have fields that draw data from other sources, such as the area of a fill, surface, object and the like.  It should have algebraic operators, at least sum, total, addition, multiplication, division so we can tabulate things like floor area.  Those results should also be linked back to the Information window for reuse in other locations in the documents.  


Operating system used: Mac Apple Silicon


I also have the same wish.

In my opinion, an easy way to do it is allow the user to create some Variables (numeric or textual) that can be used within the document. Such variables should be edited from the user 1) extracting data from the model (basic operation required); 2) linking external sources (e.g. excel spreadsheet); 3) manually.

With the Variables in the project we would be allowed to create more complex up to date documentation within Archicad.

A further and welcome step would be to add a very basic office editor in the software (spreadsheet and word) so that one could easily produce within Archicad layouts complete multi-page reports together with the drawings and tables. I will make an independent wish for that. 

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